May 13, 2016

2016 Garden Update #11

We had more rain all week long.  We didn't even see the sunshine until today and it only came out after a huge rain storm that passed through fairly quickly.

Let's get to my plants......I ended up moving a lot of the container plants back into the greenhouse.  I didn't want everything to become water-logged with the downpours.

My succulents are doing great.  I think they love the greenhouse so that's where I'm gonna keep them until the winter.

Early in the week, I moved my cactus into the greenhouse.  I thought maybe my house is too cold for it?  It seems to really like it in there so far.  I might just bring it back to my house in the winter.

I always check on everything before I leave for work.  One morning, I was in greenhouse checking on the plant babies and heavy rains started falling down.  I had to hang out in the greenhouse for a bit until they let up so I wouldn't get soaked.  haha  Anyways, these $1 flowers I got few weeks ago at Lowes seem to be blooming.  Here's what they looked like one morning.

And in the afternoon, here's what they looked like.

Such vibrant colors.

Look at the pollen.  The bees would love these flowers.

My passion flower loves being in the greenhouse.

I found a bright red ladybug on some mint leaves and grabbed and I put it on the passion flower.

Up close

Some bell peppers....doing great.

Lots of blossoms on one of my tom plants.

This big cherry tomato plant is doing really good.

Already some little toms....

My in ground tomatoes are growing but seems slow.  I'm going to put some coffee grounds at the base of these plants to see if it helps them.

My sunflowers, I think loved all the rains we got.

Up close of biggest sunflower plant.

Beautiful and vibrant Iris.  This Iris uprooted in my front flower bed so I planted it in a pot and it's doing good.


Peas are soooo happy.  I can't wait until I see flowers and pods.  :)

The green beans are loving their spot too.

I have many potato plants coming in from the seed potatoes I planted.

And lastly, my orchids are good.  The biggest one finally has blooms starting to open up.

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