May 2, 2016

Backyard Chickens Update #7

I had to see the chicks again so I went to Melissa's farm the other weekend.  I also brought the good camera with me.

They were in the living room in a bigger container because they are trying to fly.

Cute little baby.  This is a barred rock because of the spot on the top of her head.

Spreading her wings....

We took them outside to let them do some more exploring.  They liked flapping their wings and standing on sticks.  haha

I got out the big camera and laid down on the ground so I was close to them.

Here's all 10 babies....

How cute?

The grey one here is an ameraucana.

Some of them crawled up on me and walked on my legs, butt and back.  It was so awesome and it tickled.  I turned around to them and said "please don't poop on me".  They didn't.  They listen well.  haha  :)

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