May 4, 2016

CSA Box- Week 1

My husband and I finally joined a CSA this year.  This is the first year we are doing a CSA.  I've always wanted to do it so I'm glad we decided it was time to try.  We will get 24 weeks of farm fresh veggies/fruit.  I can't wait to see what each week will bring.

I got an e-mail the morning of my pick up with a message of what I could expect in my box.  I was happy seeing the list. 

So....what's in the box.....

Here's a sneak-peek.....

I picked up my CSA box and then I had to go work an event.  I couldn't wait to get home to look through the box to see what all was in it.

Here's everything I got.....

-half dozen farm fresh eggs
-swiss chard
-2 greenhouse grown tomatoes
-huge sweet potato

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