May 1, 2016

Melissa's Farm Trip 1

Guess what?

Chicken butt

Alright......I'm done.  haha

My nephew wanted to come with me to the farm so I bought him along.

After seeing my baby chicks....we went outside to explore the farm.  Melissa and her family have a ton of land with lots of animals.  It's wonderful.

There's lots of hens and roos free ranging.

We went to the big chicken coop.  It's guarded by a beautiful dog.  Here's my nephew with the dog.  The breed of the dog is a great pyrenees.  They are gentle dogs to guard chickens and he does an great job protecting them.

We walked in the coop.  There were two chickens each in a nesting box.  One barred rock was laying an egg right in front of us.  Melissa couldn't believe it.  All this time she's never seen the chickens lay an egg.  She just goes in and the eggs are there.

Here's the egg.  I collected it.  It was nice and warm.

Here's the hen who laid the egg.

Here's some other hens just sitting on eggs.

One nesting box had 3 eggs.  It looks like an egg from each breed of chicken.

This is an up close picture of an ameraucana chicken.

We came back into the coop a little later to see another chicken lay an egg.  It was amazing!!  haha  This particular girl didn't want to get off the egg and we made her mad.

We heard another chicken proudly clucking that she just laid an egg.  A rooster was even clucking all proud.  Only thing....the hen we heard didn't lay the egg in the coop.  She laid the egg in a old barn.  We went to look and discovered a bunch of eggs.  13 today.  One was very warm which we knew was the one that was just laid.  The others one of which was cracked we didn't want to take a chance on so Melissa said we could feed them to the pigs.

Here's the pigs.  They are huge.  This picture doesn't show you how big they are.  They loved the eggs.  They didn't touch the cracked one though.  They sniffed it and walked away.  For a pig to not touch it you know it's bad because they eat everything.  haha

So the top green-ish egg is the one we found in the old barn and the brownish one is the one I saw being laid.

There's some goats and mules on the farm too.

After our farm visit it was time to head home.  My nephew was hungry so I took him to panda express which is his favorite place.

Melissa had given me some farm fresh eggs.  I also got to bring home the egg I saw the hen lay.

When my chicks grow up this is what they will look like.

Top:  plymouth barred rock  (light brown eggs)

Middle:  australorp  (brown eggs)

Bottom:  ameraucana  (colored eggs)

I can't wait until my chickens are adults and laying eggs for us.  :)

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