July 24, 2015

Dollar Tree- Find of the week

A few weeks back my sister, Ashley mentioned she wanted some erasable highlighters.  Kristen and I had never heard of these before.  But how cool do they sound right?  They are popular for people who use planners like us.  To our disappointment the stores we went to that day didn't have them.

While doing some shopping last week I came across them.  

Who knew that the dollar tree would have them?  I picked up a pack for my sister and my BFF since I knew they wanted them.  I was skeptical how they would work.  I gave my sister her pack last week when I saw her.  My sister messaged me yesterday telling me how awesome these erasable highlighters are.  She said they work really good and it was the best dollar spent yet.  haha

I've posted a few of my favorite dollar tree- finds of the week that you can check out if you'd like.

You just never know what you'll find at the dollar tree.  :)

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