July 20, 2015

Main Floor Deep Clean 2015

After everything was put away from the farmers market and grocery store, then I made a trip to Target and Lowes.  I had a list of things to pick up.

-vaccum  (on sale for $75)

-area rug
-new rug underlay
-box fan
-air filters
-round up

I got everything I needed.  I found a new area rug for $25.  We had a brown rug and I wanted to replace it since our last kitty (who recently passed away) had several accidents on the rug.  It was time to do a deep clean and replace things.

I decided to go with a lighter color for the rug so I found this cream area rug.  I had to put the seats down in my car to make it fit.  haha

When I got home, I had my husband help me out.  He moved all our furniture out for me.  He even cleaned all the microfiber couches and they now look brand new.  Nate, got out the carpet cleaner and he deep cleaned the kitchen rug and the carpet in the dining room while I deep cleaned the living room.  TEAM WORK!

After moving the main couch we always sit on, we laughed at how nasty it was underneath.  I'm going to be honest.  It's been years since I'd moved the couch out from the wall.  Am I embarrassed?  Not really....I'm guessing this is what it looks like under most peoples couches.  haha  It's mostly dust bunnies, cat hair and some stuffing from the couch.  There was also one green M&M, some popcorn, 3 chocolate chips, and a small area where some chocolate ice cream had melted that was stuck to floor.  hahahaha  Have you looked under your couch lately?

I dusted, vacuumed and I mopped the entire floor.  I also cleaned the TV, entertainment center, lamp and window treatments.

Here's the living room put back together.  Nice and clean.  :)

We worked up a sweat and got everything done.  We decided on a mini chinese buffett for dinner.

So yummy!  :)

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