July 30, 2015

Garden Veggies for dinner

I picked several veggies from my garden over the last few days.  As a side for dinner I used only my veggies.  :)  It's awesome eating something you've grown.  It tastes better than store bought.  :)

Here's a mix of tomatoes (yellow jubilee from seed swap), eggplant, scalloped bonita squash, yellow squash and my bell peppers.

I sauteed in pan with some olive oil, minced garlic, parsley flakes, red pepper flakes and black pepper.  My husband even asked if he could have some veggies.

The next evening when I got home from work, I was tending to my garden and harvested some beans and a zucchini ball.

The tomato is another yellow jubilee that I've had in the window.  These tomatoes are so delicious.  I'm so glad I was able to get a few plants from that seed swap I went to back in March.

I sauteed these up just like the other veggies.  My husband again requested some.  YAY!  :)

Everything was tasty and fresh and I grew it.  :)

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