July 20, 2015

Brunch and Planner date 2015

My sister and BFF came up.  We had a brunch date and a planner date.  

I surprised my niece with a cute little monkey on a swing.  She loved it.  Best dollar spent.  I picked it up at the dollar tree.  The monkey is solar powered and swings.  It's really cute.  

Ellie has a monkey obsession so I knew she would like it.

We went to Mason Dixon Cafe for brunch.  They have good food and it's cheap.  I've been plenty of times but my sister and BFF have not.

Here's my niece eating her lunch that my sister packed for her.

I ordered the 'Big Breakfast Burger' with a side of fries.  The bun is actually french toast.

There's an egg, bacon, cheese and of course the burger.

It was so good.  I even dipped it in some syrup and that made it even better.  YUM!

My BFF ordered the 'Breakfast club'.  I was going to order that until I saw the burger and got that instead.  :)  The breakfast club was 2 waffles, egg, bacon, cheese and sausage.  So yummy!

My sister ordered the 'Jersey Cheesesteak'.  She liked it but she did mention that she wished there had been lettuce and onions though.

After brunch we went to AC Moore, and Target.  Then we finally came back to my house to make stickers for our planners.  Yes, we are planner nerds.  :)  For dinner we had pizza and boneless chicken wings.  

Later on, I was on the couch resting from sticker making and Ellie got up in my lap and fell asleep.  :)

Love her!  :)

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