July 20, 2015

Ellie in my Garden 2015

I had Ellie look at my garden when she was here visiting one day.  She had the biggest smile looking around at everything that I had growing.

She wasn't afraid to get in there and look at the veggies/fruits/flowers growing.  We walked around and I pointed everything out to her.  She seemed to understand.  She nodded and said "yep" a lot.  :)

I told her she could pick her very first garden red tomato and she did.  She was very gentle.

She giggled the whole time as she picked her very first cherry tomato.

She was so happy and proud to show it off.

I told her "say cheese" and this is her "cheese face".  hahahaha

I told her she could eat the tomato and she put it in her mouth.  I asked her if it tasted good and she said "yep".  :)  She's so smart and cute.  I hope that she has her own veggie/fruit garden one day.

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