July 20, 2015

Zoo fun 2015

I'd been wanting to visit the Richmond Zoo.  I planned with my sister and dad a date that we could all go on.  My BFF couldn't go because she had a ton of work she was working on and had a deadline.

We got to the zoo, put on the sunscreen and got our tickets.

Here's my little nephew standing in front of some plants.

Here's my dad.

Lots of flamingos.

Prairie dogs (my dad likes these).

Checking out an orangutan.

A monkey.....This guy was so weird.  It was in the grassy area of it's cage and when my niece came up to him, he swung over and started making some sort of call to her.  It sounded like opera.  It was a little scary and my niece didn't like it.  Every time she moved away he would follow her and continue making the noise.  My niece realized he couldn't get to her and she was fine.  When we walked away she said "goodbye monkey".  haha

Making opera noises.

Emu's....E said "Ostrich".  ahaahahaha

More monkeys.  They were all napping.

Lots of turtles.

E watching some animals with pop pop.

Walking hand in hand.  :)


Black Bears.  One was napping while the other was pacing.



Pig eating




My niece outside the bird cage with pop pop.

My sister feeding a little bird.


Adam feeding a giraffe.

My sister took my niece to the playground while the rest of us took to the sky ride.  I love this ride.  It goes over the Zoo and it's peaceful.

My dad and Adam


Some animals while on sky ride.

My nephew Joseph and his girlfriend.


Adam feeding some animals in the petting zoo area.

Camels (some were shedding their winter coats)

Adam jumping to see how far he can get.

When we were done my sister took my niece on a carousel ride. 

We then got in our cars and drove up the street to Johnny Rockets to have lunch.

We ordered our food and then waited.  My dad drawing with Adam and Ellie.

The music was annoying because it was messed up.  The tracks kept skipping and repeating the same verse over and over.  It sounded like a broken record.  No one fixed it.  It was like that the entire time.  We even mentioned it to our waiter who just happened to be named 'Johnny' and he just laughed and said they knew.  So.....let's keep playing it?  WEIRD and annoying,

Anyways, I got the original burger (plain), fries, and a chocolate shake.  MMMMMMM.

After lunch my dad took my nephews home.  I went home with my sister and niece.  We hung out while my niece took a nap.  My BFF and her husband showed up and we were able to chat about nothing.  haha  It's what we do.  We had dinner at Zoe's kitchen.  Later on when we all left Ellie told each of us that she loved us.  Her little voice saying "I love you" is the cutest and sweetest thing.  :)  It was a fun but exhausting day.

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