July 21, 2015

IKEA with Allie and William

My friend, Allie (I work with her) wanted to go to IKEA and asked if I wanted to go with her.  No one passes up IKEA so I said yes.  Allie wanted to get some stuff for her son, William.  He's moving to California next month for College and there's stuff he needs.

We went this past weekend.  I grabbed my IKEA family card and met Allie at her house.  We took the mini cooper to IKEA.  How fun!  :)

I could walk around IKEA with my eyes closed.  I know it that well.  I was the navigator around the store and I also kept a total for Allie on how much they were spending.  We went right to the market place and began filling up the cart.  I felt like William was my little brother and I was helping him pick out what he needed for dorm life.  It was actually fun.  :)

Here's the cart full of goodies.  I spent $33 and Allie stayed under budget and only spent about $138.  William got a lot of stuff.

Some things William got were.....

William also got this to add a little feng shui to his dorm.  Allie said it wasn't in the budget so he had to use his own money for it and he did.  haha

I also had a list for myself.  LED bulbs, 2 pillow covers, 2 pillows, watering can for K, and a patio chair for K's mom.  They just sold out of the chairs and the IKEA associate told me they won't have them again until next year since they are seasonal.  

I also had some artificial sunflowers on my list that I didn't buy b/c I didn't like them after seeing them in person.  I looked for these gloves but they were out of stock.

Another shot of the cart.

After we paid and Allie bought a 6 pack of ooey gooey tempting cinnamon rolls we went upstairs and got lunch.  William and I both got the Swedish meatball Combo.  It comes with Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes & gravy, lingonberries, and a fountain drink.  Allie got the same, except she got veggie balls instead of Swedish meatballs b/c she's a vegetarian.  Oh yes, William saw some pink dessert that he wanted too and since it was his day, Allie got it for him.  It's called a princess cake and we laughed at him when he ate it.  He loved it, even if it was pink.  haha

Here's my lunch plate.

I got lingonberry juice to drink.  I might be obsessed with this now.  It kinda tasted like fruit punch.

After lunch we each devoured a cinnamon roll.  These are the best ever!!!  I love them and I def made sure we did a lot of walking to make up for eating one.  haha

After IKEA we went to Dollar Tree so we could pick up some misc things that William needed.  Betty Crocker utensils, pot holders, sponges, mixing bowls, laundry bags etc.  I found some cute curious george fruit snacks for my niece and picked up 2 boxes for her.

Then we made our way to the airport to drop off William.  He was flying out to spend some time with his Grandpa on the West Coast.  

Once Allie and I got back to town we figured we grab dinner since it was 7pm.  We were both hungry.  I told her that Paradise Diner had just opened back up and she said we must go there and we did.  She ordered a crab cake sammich, and 2 orders of the greek beets.  Anytime, I hear talk of beets, I think of this.  Allie had me try one and they were actually good in the dressing they are made in.  I got the BLT with chips and a bowl of french onion soup.  Very yummy.  
This place is one of my top picks.

When I got home, I immediately put the pillow covers on my new pillows and showed Nate.  He thought they were perfect.  They match our furniture exactly.  :)

It was a lovely day.  :)

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