July 30, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #31

Here's my garden this morning taking in the sunshine.  Everyone just got a drink before this picture.

One of the most beautiful sunflowers ever and I grew it from seed.

This guy will be popping soon.

Husky cherry tomatoes.  You can't really tell in picture but these are bigger than cherry toms.

Here's some cherry toms.  I'm getting a handful of these just about every day.

My eggplant has turned green which means I might have waited too long to harvest it.

Here's my bounty from yesterday.

My celery and cilantro in a can.

I decided to put the celery in a bigger bowl so the roots stay under water.

Doing real nice.  It's grown from just from a base of store bought celery.  I tried this before in the past and it didn't grow as good.

I'm thinking of making some chicken salad with it next week.  :)

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