July 20, 2015

Flower bed clean-up 2015

My mother-in-law came over to help me clean up my front flower beds.  The whole time we were working on the yard there was this little dog that had been at the neighbors.  Animals control and the neighborhood kids couldn't catch the little guy.  Nate got off early from work this day and he started mowing the grass.  We told him about the dog.  He thought it was funny that no one could catch him.

After a while, Nate thought he'd give it a shot.  He got him.  The little guy did nip his fingers a few times.  :(

Here's Nate with the little guy.

Nate made a sign and put it at the end of our driveway in case the owner came looking for the little guy.

We gave the owner until noon the next day to claim the dog and then I had animal control come pick it up.  The dog was taken to a no kill shelter.  I hope the owner finds the little dog.  He was so shaken and scared.

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