July 20, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #28 (rainbow edition)

My happy little container garden has so many vibrant colors.  I love everything about it.  :)

Broccoli is still growing.

My yellow tomatoes I got from the seed swap are finally ready to pick.  :)

Lots of green beans ready to harvest.

Look at this rainbow bounty.

Cherry toms

Green Beans

Yellow tomatoes  (one was picked a few days ago by accident.  It fell off when I was checking it and it's been in my kitchen window.  It's ripened too).

Squash and eggplant

Taste the rainbow.  This is natures skittles.  :)

I added some more toms and a pepper, I had on window sill.

Look at all the tomatoes I have on my window sill.  MMMMMM  The cherry toms are all gone at this point though.  I enjoyed them today.  So delicious and I grew them.  :)

Basil in the window.  Needs to be planted but it's soooo hot outside.

My celery is doing good.  I still haven't planted it yet.  I also have cilantro in a can growing.  I got this on clearance at target a few weeks ago.  It was $1 and some change.  :)

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