July 20, 2015

Caroline Fair Ribbons 2015

So, I entered some baked goodies into the Caroline Fair this year.

Here they are.

A friend at work went to the fair and she found my goodies and sent me the pictures.  
I won 2 blue ribbons!!  :)

When I told Nate he was so happy for me.  He put together the picture above.  He suggested we go to the fair and see everything on display.

I had a ticket that I got for submitting my goods and a co-worker gave me an extra ticket that he had.  We went Friday night (July 10th) after I got off work.

We first went directly to the home goods building.  I needed to see my ribbons for myself.

We found the baked goods.  Here's some of the goodies on display.

I found my cookies.  First place!  :)  So happy!

Here I am standing next to my cookies and blue ribbon.

Next, we found the 'Just like Doris Coleman's Brownies' that I made.  First place and a blue ribbon.

Squatting next to my brownies and ribbon.

Then we found my banana bread.  Third place and a big yellow ribbon.  :)

Bending next to my banana bread and ribbon.  :)

I was hungry and needed something to eat.  I went to the county fair cafe and got a hot dog, fries and a bottle of water.

We then walked around and took this picture.  We didn't notice the rainbow until later after going through the pictures.

Someone at the fair got this picture and put it up on facebook.  I zoomed in and noticed myself and Nate walking around.  haha

Ferris Wheel

We got an ice cream treat because why not.  :)  Here's Nate enjoying his butter pecan ice cream.  I got a waffle cone filled with cookies n' cream ice cream.

After our ice cream we went to the barn to see the animals.  Baby pigs nursing.  So cute.


Big cow.

No chicks because of the bird flu.

A few days later I drove back to the fairgrounds and picked up my ribbons, and cash prizes.  I got $19 for my baking.  $15 for the brownies, $3 for my cookies and $1 for my banana bread.

YAY!  :)

Me and my ribbons.

My ribbons

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