July 30, 2015

Early birthday fun 2015

This past weekend our group of friends got together to celebrate August birthdays.  

Here's E ready to go.  *cheese*  If you look real close you will see she has her George.
We had brunch at Paradise Diner.  Myself and the other birthday girl both got waffles, with eggs and bacon.  It was awesome and just what I wanted.  So yummy!  :)

Here's me and E, hand in hand walking to car.

Afterwards we took a little break at my house for a few hours and then all met up at S&J's house to just chill and let the little ones play.  I brought over some white sharp cheddar cheese, troyer's trail bologna, cookie dough dip, animals crackers, and graham crackers.

The girls did some paint.  A, K and I did too.  

Here's E with her masterpiece.

The girls love Nate.

For dinner we got a few pizza's.  We had a great time hanging out and I got some awesome gifts.  :)

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