July 20, 2015

Extracts 2015

My husband and I decided to make a bunch of different pure extracts.  My pure vanilla extract is very popular and we figured it was time to re-brand and add a variety of different extracts.

We ran some errands to pick up supplies we needed.  

The list:

-grapes (I wanted to eat)  :)

Here's the baskets full of fruits.

lemons, oranges and coconuts.

My husband worked on the coconuts while I worked on zesting lemons.  

I cleaned them all first.

Then got right to zesting.

Look at all the lemon zest.  :)

Success!  I made 2 batches of my vanilla extracts the night before.  Here's a picture of the vanilla, lemon, orange, and coconut extracts.

The next day, Nate and I had a lunch date at Ruby Tuesday.  Nate wanted to take me to lunch to celebrate my ribbons I got at the fair.  :)

My plate.  We both got the salad bar.  :)  So yummy.  I love the croutons.  :)

After lunch we picked up a few groceries we needed for the week.  We also got some almonds and spearmint to make small batches of some more extracts.

I have everything stored in my extract cabinet.  It's just a cabinet in my basement bathroom that stays dark and cool.  :)

We wanted peppermint but it's hard to find.  I went to Lowes to look at plants the other day and there were plenty of peppermint plants.  I picked up 4 plants.  I plan on growing them.  I'll pick off some of the leaves and make a batch of peppermint extract with them.

Nate redesigned the labels asking me what I liked and didn't like along the way.  They turned out great and they look so cute.

I can't wait till all the extracts are done brewing so I can get them all bottled and labeled etc.  :)

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