March 15, 2015

Seed Swap 2015

I came across an event for a seed swap from Outlaw Garden.  It had been postponed from last month because of Winter weather.  I invited my BFF to go with me and she said yes.

We got to the town of Warrenton and finally found the place.  We didn't know where to park and we didn't want to get towed.  We ended up finding a lot behind the building where it seems everyone was parking in so we did too.

We signed in and I immediately went to the adorable little cupcake table.  The baker was Haute Cakes Pastry Shop.

These cupcakes caught my eyes.  They were soooo cute and matched the seed swap perfectly.  Tomatoes, carrots and lettuce fondant decorations on some of them.  I had one with lettuce and K had one with a tomato.  :)  YUM

When we got to the seed swap it was right at the start.  Not too many people or too many seeds but more seed swappers started trickling in.  We managed to each find some seeds and make some trades.

I was happy to see Marigolds.  That was on my list.  :)

There was some plants for the taking as well.

The signs on tables told you where to put seed packs you were swapping or if you were looking for certain seeds.


K left some butternut squash seeds.

As we were leaving I snapped this picture of the crowd.

We went to the car and I went through my seeds.  Some of my seeds spilled in my container so we cleaned that up and organized them.  

Here's the seeds I got.  Marigolds, flowers, and sweet corn.

I found some duplicate seed packs and decided to go back in and see what else was there.  While we were in the car we saw several people go in with arms full of stuff.  I had to check it out.

There was a lot more people and seeds when I went back the second time.

There was a nice man putting a bunch of seeds in packets and labeling them.

I saw the okra seeds (bottom of pic) and knew K would probably be interested in them so I grabbed her some.

Asparagus seeds!!  I got an envelope and put some in seeds in it.

A seed swapper had also brought in some yellow jubilee tomato starters.  I grabbed a pack.  :)

Here's what I got on my second trip in.  Okra, Lavender, Indian Corn and Asparagus seeds.

When I got back in car I gave K her surprise okra seeds and she liked them.  I also gave her some of my pepper, toms, and pea seeds.  She wants to start doing some gardening.  Peas are really easy so I know she can pull those off.  :)

Here's all the seed packs I got for myself.

I didn't manage to find purple beans, or zuke/squash balls that was on my list but that's okay.

Oh....the Outlaw Garden blogger put up a thank you blog and I think I might be in one of the pictures.

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