March 8, 2015

Sycamore Tree

I learned something new today.  Well actually a couple things.  

I have this tree behind my shed in my backyard.  I didn't know what type of tree it was.  There are these strange balls hanging from the tree that I don't know what they are.

I managed to pull a ball down and hang it on a limb.  The stem on the ball is like a silky string that's attached to the ball.

I didn't know what was inside.  Is is a seed pod or is it some sort of cocoon for an insect?

I smashed one of the balls to see what was in side.  It's little seeds!!! least to me.  :)

I did some research once I came back inside.  I found this blog.  I learned that the tree is a sycamore tree.  The sycamore is a native to the eastern part of the US and can live up to 250 years.  The fluffy balls are indeed seed pods and stand out in the winter when the leaves have fallen off the tree.  The tree flowers in March.  I love learning about my trees and plants in my yard.  :)

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