March 15, 2015

Fun Saturday with the bestie

After the seed swap we took a bit of a road trip.

We stopped off at a nursery and checked it out.  The store had lots of different things from gardening to snacks, wine and garden flags.

Next up was lunch.  We stopped in at Pancho Villa's in Culpeper.  

Huge avocados at the front.  :)

I got the buffet and K ordered enchiladas.  :)

After lunch we found a really cute gardening shop and decided to look around.

Tomatoes, apples, walnuts....the shop was filled with all sorts of cute plants and gifts.

They had seed packets....

I found the cutest garden flag and I HAD to get it.  :)  It's a farmers market flag with a old pick up truck.  I also found purple beans and squash balls.  YES!!!  2 of the seed packs I've been wanting.  I picked up some sweet tom seeds too because I love them.

My flag....

We stopped at Tractor supply and found the baby chicks.  We heard them peeping from the clothing section and made our way over.  :)

After that we went to Lowe's.  K bought an AWESOME purple pot.  

After lowes we made a target trip and dollar tree.

It was a fun day!!  :)

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