March 11, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #12

I felt like doing some gardening this morning.  I picked up some dirt yesterday while out running errands so I could start some more seeds.  :)

I put everything out on the kitchen counter and got right to it.

I had a cucumber plant that died.  :(  I went ahead and dumped it out into a bag.

I dug through the dirt checking to see if maybe...just maybe there was a survivor.  I came across one little sprout.  :)  I carefully dug him out.

I planted him in a new pot with fresh dirt.  Fingers crossed that he makes it.  :)

I also dumped out my sunflowers that didn't grow.  Last year, my sunflowers were the first to sprout so I knew something was wrong.  Nothing was found in the dirt.  I dumped the marigolds too.  They sprouted pretty quickly last year as well.  I dug through the dirt and found baby marigold sprouts.  I replanted them as well.  (I'm out of marigold seeds)  Now let's hope that they will grow up.  :)

I saved an egg carton this morning after making breakfast.  I figured I could start some herbs or tomatoes in the carton.  I used an egg crate last year and it worked pretty well for seedlings.

I cut off the top portion of the egg carton.

Here's the little egg crate ready for dirt.

I decided on 6 basil, 6 cherry tomatoes, and 6 parsley.  I had cherry tom seeds that I saved recently from some store bought toms.  I labeled the egg crate, filled with a little dirt, seeds and then some more dirt on top.  :)

I made fries last night with some potatoes.  I noticed some potatoes were sprouting so I washed them and dried them out overnight so I could plant them this morning.

I planted them each in their own pots.

Here's my pretty fabulous happy garden.  :)

Here's Marigolds, Sunflowers and Potatoes.

My egg crate of seedlings, Beef Stake Tomatoes, Carrots, Broccoli and Eggplant.  (I redid the eggplant too since I didn't have any sprouts).

In this window are my zucchinis, cucumbers and yellow squash.

This window has peas and green beans.

I also looked through my seeds.  I'm going to my first seed swap this weekend with my BFF.  I've never been to one so I can't wait to see what it's like.  Hopefully, I will be able to swap some seeds and get some seeds I don't have.  I really want to grow zucchini balls/squash balls, little zukes, little squash and some more marigolds.

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