March 9, 2015

Hard Boiled Egg Spoon Trick

My BFF, sent me a text last week with a link to peel hard boiled eggs with a spoon.  Yes, a spoon!

Watch the video below.

Pretty genius right?  I figured I would try it next time I made hard boiled eggs.

I made some hard boiled eggs this morning to have as snacks for the week.  My husband is on stay-cation this week and I took off 3 days so I wanted to make the eggs so we had them.  :)

I boiled the eggs, let them sit for 10 minutes and then gave them an ice bath.

I cracked an egg.

I took a spoon and peeled the shell away.  It works!!!! OMG so cool.  I was really careful at first because I was afraid that I would pierce the egg but I didn't.  YAY

Look how awesome.  I am doing this from now on.  My husband saw me doing this and said "hey that's really smart".  :)

Perfectly peeled eggs with a spoon.

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