March 9, 2015

New Things Monday

I like to try new things and give my opinion on how I liked the product.  

I saw on target cartwheel a deal to save on Earth's Best chicken nuggets.  They were also on sale.  Win win!  :)  I was looking for something to take to work for lunches so when I saw these I figured these would work.  Who cares that they are for kids.  They are just chicken nuggets.  They are whole grain and gluten free.  And they are better for you than eating nuggets at a fast food place.

I cooked the nuggets in the microwave.  They were okay.  They are probably better in the oven.  
I took them to work on several occasions and even had some at home for lunch.  My husband just finished off the rest for lunch the other day while he was home.  He ate them but he didn't love them.  I would probably buy them again because they are an easy and quick lunch.

(Picture taken from google images)

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