March 1, 2015

Fun at Fayth's

My sister's Mother-in-law had a girls party yesterday at her new home.  I was invited and so was my BFF.  We were all free and decided to go have some girl fun.  We brought my niece and she was right at home at Grandma's.  :)

We got a the tour once we got there.  E is looking at all the family pictures.  She liked looking at the picture of herself with her daddy.  So cute!  :)

Fayth, has an adorable craft room with this awesome counter.  How cute is it?  And it's all organized.

E has a little spot under the table in the craft room that she likes to sit under.  Cute!

After the tour we went back to the kitchen.  Here's Grandma helping E down the stairs.

E playing with some blocks.

E stacked them and now she's ready to eat.  :)

Some more ladies showed up and then we ate.  Fayth, put together a great spread for us.  We had Chick-fil-a nuggets, Cowboy beans, Hawaiian rolls, Chicken, broccoli and cheese muffins, Beef and veggie muffins, deviled eggs, chicken salad, apple salad, pasta salad, and potato salad.  So good!

E ran into her play room.  The room is awesome.  There's different chairs (one even the size of E), lots of books and lots of stuffed animals.  E loves this room because it's got everything she likes.  Books and stuffed animals.  E didn't want to take a nap but she wanted everyone else to.  haha  Here she is pretending to take a nap and making sure Woody takes a nap too.

A bunch of stuffed animals all tucked in and napping.

E pretending again.

Then E found my tom shoes and tried putting her baby doll in one.  haha

M&M's!  :)  I snuck a few to E.  She likes them.

For dessert Fayth had made Cherry Delights and Banana pudding with White Chocolate.  Both were delicious and served in cute little jars.  :)

Then it was time for crafts.  Fayth has a bunch of different crafts for us.  Here's E smiling for the camera.  :)

Suncatchers caught my ear.  Fayth brought down a bin of beads and we all made our own suncatchers.  We used a whoppie pie pan and arranged the beads the way we wanted.

Some other suncatchers being made.

To make them:  Put in an oven on 400 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.  Then let them cool for 20 minutes and then take out of pan.

You can drill a hole in them so you can hang them.  Fayth drilled the holes for us.  :)

There was also wood carving.

Some ladies went upstairs to the craft room to do other crafts.  Cross-stitch and paint.  K, A and me stayed downstairs with E.  Here's E eating a cookie.

E hanging out under a chair.

E also picked up confetti off the floor.

She's such a big helper.

How did that confetti get there?

K ran the vacuum and got the confetti and wood pieces off the floor.  So nice of her.  It was warm in the house from the oven being on.  We went out back to cool off and E wanted to run around with her soccer ball.

I threw a snowball near her and she got it brought it back to me.  :)

E wanted to play on Grandma's bed.  She laid down and I told her to close her eyes.  She did.

So cute.  :)

The party was fun.  Fayth gave us all a goodie bag.  It had 2 pieces of Dove chocolates and a gift card to Coldstone.  Too sweet!  :)

After we left we realized it was dinner time so we decided to go to Burgerworks.  I'd never been.  I got the bison (suggested by K) on texas toast with american cheese and ketchup.  I shared fries with my sister since they give you more than enough.  It was really good.  :)

We went to my sister's house and hung out a little bit before heading home.  Here's E with her kitty.

It was a fun day.  :)

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