March 1, 2015

Farm Fresh Eggs

I went to my parents the other day to pick up a wagon for my niece.  My dad asked if I liked farm fresh eggs and I said YES!  He gave me 18 farm fresh eggs.  I asked him where they came from.
A guy that has been cutting down trees to make way for a pipeline next to my parents property owns a farm in Richmond.  My dad has been nice to the guys and have been letting them park at the bottom of the driveway, making them coffee, and even letting them put some equipment by the house.  The guys returned the favor to my dad by plowing the driveway from snow and the one guy gave my dad eggs he got from his hens that morning.  How nice?

My dad said they have a ton of eggs and I was actually out of eggs (well I had 2 left) so my dad said to take them and use them so I did.  :)

I've already used up 6 of these eggs.  I made some hard boiled eggs for work and some deviled eggs for the hubby.  So good.  :)

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