February 23, 2015

New Things Monday

It's time for my New Things Monday.  This is where I try something new and tell you about it.  It's just my opinion.  :)

I'm not a big hummus fan.  I've tried several different ones and I really can take it or leave it.  Until I discovered something different.  I was at my BFF's one day and she took out some hummus and told me it was really good.  She said it was edamame.  It was a light green color.  I was curious because I'd never had edamame anything and I decided to give it a try.  I dipped a pretzel into the edamame hummus and loved it.  OMG.....so good.  The next day, I ran errands and found edamame hummus at Wegmans.  So yummy!

I like to dip some baby carrots, grape tomatoes, pretzels or turkey roll ups in it.  
(Picture taken from google images)

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