February 20, 2015

Kids Expo 2015

My sister, her husband, niece and me went to a kids expo last weekend.  

First, we had lunch at chick-fil-a.  We got there after 1pm and it was packed....then again it is chick-fil-a.  When is it not packed?

Here's my niece looking at her book that was in her kids meal.

We got to the expo and walked around.  There was a lot of stuff that was mainly for older kids.  
E couldn't really do much but there was a few things she had fun with.

There was a small animal petting area.  E was a little scared to go near the animals.  We did however find the cutest animals in the place.  Tiny 'teacup' pigs.  They were adorable!  I so want one.  haha  How cute is his little face?

This was the Wegmans booth.  It was awesome.  They had samples of granola with yogurt and some hummus.  They had some stickers too.  It was nice.  Their display of the fresh veggies was cool.

E made some friends at the lego table.  The little girl was building and all E wanted to do was take everything apart.  As other kids came up she would hand them a lego.  It was funny.

There was a lil' kickers area as well.  E loved it b/c she loves balls.  She was trying to kick them around.  Look at her cute little ponytail.  :)

She made a friend with a little boy that was about her size.  He was really sweet.  He kept giving her balls to play with and he hugged her.

We got back to my house.  I made a big pot of baked potato soup.  It was yummy.  
My sister and I then went over some birthday plans for E.  She's turning 2 in May and the theme is going to be her favorite character.  "Curious George".

My sister showed me E's baby doll and I was like OMG, hold on.  I got my childhood doll baby.  This was my first doll that was given to me on my 1 year birthday.  The doll is the new version of my doll.  It's so funny how much alike they still are.  Some slight changes but still the same doll.

E's doll- Left/  My doll-Right

While my sister and I talked birthday plans, Nate kept E busy.  They shared some pretzels and then she grabbed Nate's phone and went to Netflix and started watching 'Curious George'.  haha

Once my sister was getting ready to leave, the wind picked up big time and it had started to snow.  They decided to leave so they could get home and try to beat the storm.

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