February 1, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #2

Garden update:

I have a green bean sprout.

Here's my sprout growing....


Today, I ran a few errands.  One stop was dollar tree.  I picked up some soil, containers and gloves.  I got 3 sets of gloves.  I loved these gloves last year and have been waiting for them.

When I got home I checked on my seedlings.  The green bean sprout wanted out of the green house.  I also took the lids off the green houses b/c the soil is very moist.  I want it to dry out a bit.

I repotted my green bean sprout.  Look how happy it is.  :)

I also found that I have my first squash sprout for the year.  :)

I checked the others and no signs of sprouting yet.

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