February 20, 2015

Snow February 2015

We've had a little snow but it melted quickly.  Earlier this week we finally got hit with snow.

The snow started in the early afternoon and accumulated quickly.  I made it home slowly.  The roads were so bad.  Once I got home I took this cute picture of my house.  It looked really cute with the snow falling and the porch light glowing.  If you zoom in on the octagon window you will see Nate peeping our the window.  haha  :)

The next morning, Nate got up early and shoveled the driveway, cleaned off the cars and worked on digging the cars out.

He didn't use the snow blower.  I guess he wanted the exercise?  Isn't the point of a snow blower to make things easier?  :)

This is the front porch and steps.


This view should be familiar since this is where I put my container garden in the Spring/Summer.  :)

It was cool how snow seeped through the deck cracks.  haha

Nate had to go into work at 9:30am.  And he found out about a half hour before he had to be there.  I was in the middle of cooking breakfast for us.  We figured Nate's office would close but they didn't.  I made some homemade pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.  Since Nate had to leave he didn't have time to eat so I packed up his breakfast and he ate when he got to work.  :)

I had a coworker pick me up since I couldn't get my car out.  I have to go to work b/c I'm essential personnel.  DJ's don't get snow days.  

Nate was able to pick me up from work that evening when I got off.

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