February 21, 2015

More Snow February 2015

I was gonna go to Richmond today but plans got postponed because of impending weather.  I got up early this morning so I could run errands before the storm.  As I was in the kitchen getting some water I saw a fat red cardinal in the tree.  I got this picture quickly before he flew away.  So pretty.  I need to get to Lowe's sometime next week before work to get some bird seed.

I left and then got to Wegmans and got what I needed.  I then went to Target, Food Lion and back home.  I was home within a hour and a half.  I got everything on my lists and def beat the storm and the crowds.  I did start to snow on my way to Target but it was really small flurries.

Finally around 11 the snow started falling quickly and then it snowed for several hours.  Some of the snow flakes were the size of golf balls.

It's sticking on roads and sidewalks.

Sleet and freezing rain starting fall and now everything is icy.

I hope that's the last of this mess.  It's pretty....but it's just so cold.  I'm thinking about Spring.

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