May 1, 2015

Dollar Tree- Find of the week

Did you read my dollar tree post from last week?  You can find some really great items and it's awesome because everything is only one dollar.  :)

Recently, I had a very pretty hummingbird fly up to an old feeder I had hanging up.  He sped away after realizing there wasn't any food and that it was just an old faded, dirty feeder.  I threw the old feeders out.  I had on my list to get some new feeders.

So guess what this weeks find is?  Yep, you got it.....plastic hummingbird feeders.

(picture taken from google images)

Before I hung up the feeders, I took them apart and washed them real good.

I then looked on Pinterest for hummingbird food recipes.  I came across this site and this one.  I then boiled my sugar water and put in the fridge to chill.
(Picture taken from here).

When I got home from work I put the feeders back together and filled them up with the chilled sugar water.  :)  I then hung them up outside.

The feeders are hanging off a basket I have on my deck.  I plan to use these baskets this year for some plants.  I just need to get some coconut liners.  The thing hanging in the middle of the basket is a wind chime.  We got it almost 15 years ago as a wedding gift from the Bents'.  When I'm outside in my garden and the wind blows I hear the chimes and it reminds me of my wedding.  :)

I can see the feeders out my kitchen window.  I hope I can catch some hummingbirds enjoying some refreshing sugar water.  *fingers crossed*

Now I'm thinking of getting 2 more feeders to hang on the basket on the other side of my deck.  :)

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