May 10, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #19

It's time for a garden update.  :)

I have this plastic container in my shed that holds starter plants.  I got it with some starters I got at home depot a few weeks back.  I saw "Bonnie plants" on the side of the carton and decided to keep it to make a sign.  :)  More on that later.

My front flower bed is growing like crazy.  Tulips are just about done with.  The star gazer lillies are growing up as well as my daisies.  I also have all sorts of flowers, including Iris'.  The Iris' have just started popping.

This guy will probably pop tomorrow or Tuesday.

Inside I still have some plants.

A few pea pods I got this week.

My broccoli is doing really good.  One day this week I'm going to re-pot it as well as the tomatoes I have inside.  I grew these from seed.  :)

I noticed this morning I have a green bean sprout.  Planted exactly one week ago.

This evening the little guy opened up.

I also have my first squash ball sprout.  YAY!!!  I'm excited for these.

I checked over my peas.  A lot of the peas were turning brown and drying up.  :(  I inspected the plants closely and I saw tiny little baby lime green aphids.  :|  UGH  I threw out all of them except the healthy one.  Here's the last pea plant I have.  I might plant some more for outside.  We'll see.

Let's go see my deck/patio container garden shall we?  Look at all the bright and beautiful colors.  Doesn't this garden just put a smile on your face when you look at it?

I got this hibiscus today at Lowe's.  It was $7.  I am trying to bring some hummingbirds to my garden and to the feeders so I figured this would help attract them.  I've already got bumblebees checking things out.  YAY!  :)

So pretty

Cute pink flowers/

Here's some flowers I got for a $1 today.

Rosemary, that I got today.

Lavender I purchased today.

My yellow jubilee tomatoes I got from the seed swap.  They were so tiny when I first got them.  I have 2 pots like this with the toms in them.

Sweet Bell Peppers


Toms.....I had to stake some of my tom plants.

I got this yellow beauty for $1 at Lowe's.  I love the reduced rack.  :)

Pretty flowers.

Cute peachy rose I got on the reduced rack for $5.  :)

I set out my bee/butterfly water station.  :)


Still doing good...Got these flowers last weekend for $1.

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