May 3, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #18

My plants keep on growing.

I found a little lizard on my deck sunbathing.


Happy green beans.

I picked them this morning.

I cooked them for dinner with some farm fresh green beans.  :)

I have many pea pods.

I picked my first pea pod of the season this morning too.

4 peas were in the pod.

MMMMM green beans and peas that I grew all by myself.  :)

The peas were very good.  :)

At Lowe's a few days ago I stopped in to pick up some coconut liners that I wanted for my deck baskets.  I picked up a few new pots in PURPLE and also checked out the reduced plants.

I got this little beauty for a whole dollar.  :)

That evening, after work I put the coconut liners in the basket and planted my flowers.

I also got this plant for $5.

It was marked down from $13.  So pretty.

I also lined my other basket and filled with dirt.  I took my basil plants out of the pot they were in and planted them in the deck box.  This is the basket that's above my hummingbird feeders.

Today, I ran some errands.  I stopped in at lowes to pick up some soil since I was out (AGAIN) and checked out the reduced plants again.  I got these for $1!  :)

I also got some patty squash and a starter cucumber plant.  :)

This afternoon, I planted some more seeds.

Squash balls, green beans and purple beans.

My tulips in my front flower bed are still looking pretty.

Very pretty

One of the leaves fell off and I took some pictures.  The colors are so bright.

Here's my cute patio/deck garden. 

The construction area for my green house has been started.  :)

Here's a sneak peek:

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