May 8, 2015

Dollar Tree- Find of the week

For the last couple weeks I have been posting a dollar tree find of the week.

My husband, left a paint can on the linoleum at our basement door.  Sometimes with heavy rains a little water gets in the door.  Well I didn't catch it until it was too late.  The paint can got wet, then left a rust stain on the floor.  :(

I needed some CLR.  Dollar tree sells their version called, RLC.  :)  

The stuff smells really bad.  I wore gloves and I had ceiling fans on so I wasn't breathing in this RLC.
I sprayed the rust stain and wiped up everything pretty easily.  

Most came up.  I had to really scrub this part.

It didn't get it all.  I think I need to let it soak for a little while, and get an old tooth brush to scrub it out.

You can't see it unless you look really close.

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