May 25, 2015

In My Garden 2015

I got out the good camera today and took some pictures from in my garden.  :)

Welcome to my container patio/deck garden.  You can see my lovely greenhouse in the back.  Everyone had a nice drink of H20 and the bees were happily flying around and checking things out this morning.

I even had a visitor stop for a drink at the bee station.  It was really humid/hot today here in Virginia.


Flowers I got for $1.

Blueberry bush I got for $5.

Flower for $1.


Do you see it?

Tiny little green beans all over the plant.  I had forgotten what I planted in here.  Last week, they had little purple flowers.

Cute green bean.  I grew these from seed.  :)

Another flower for $1.

Little  toms

This plant is loaded with tiny toms.  The smallest one is this wee little guy here.  He's about a size of a pea.  :)

Beef stake/steak toms.

Sweet cherry toms

Hibiscus flower


Flowers that guessed it...$1.

$1 flowers

$1 flowers still doing real good.

Lots of baby peppers.

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