May 3, 2015

Fun with Elliebellie

Last weekend, after the Central Virginia Food Truck Rodeo, K and I went to see E.  :)

She was in her jammies finishing lunch when we arrived.

We got her all dressed and ready to go.  She loves brushing her teeth.

We went to a few places.  A wanted to check out a kids consignment shop.  I played with E at the toys while A and K browsed the racks.

E was playing with a princess kitchen.  She's got that look "What do you want Aunt Bonnie, I'm busy".  haha

She had fun checking everything out, until I accidentally scared her with a T-Rex.  I set it on the floor and it started up roaring and E took off running and screaming and crying.  OOPS!  I ran after her, feeling bad.  As we left the store, E said "Sorry dinosaur".  haha

E and her kitty

E saw my apple so I let her have it.  I know she loves them.

At the dollar tree, K found a really cute Ariel washcloth.  To get it to unwrap you had to put it in a bowl of warm water so we let E do it.  It was fun watching her play in the water and watch the washcloth expand.  :)

K braided E's hair.

So pretty!

E and Mommy playing.

"Aunt Bonnie.....what, I'm busy".  haha

For dinner, we went to our favorite place, Zoe's Kitchen.  They changed the grilled chicken dinner plate a little bit.  It still comes with white beans but it now comes with a salad, and some pita bread.  So good.  The salad was AWESOME.  I love this place.  It's always to fresh and clean.  :)

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