May 24, 2015

Beach Wedding 2015

Last weekend, Nate and I were invited to a wedding in Ocean City, MD.  Nate was actually the photographer.  I went because you don't say no to the beach.  haha  :)

Katrina and Sean got married.  They were very cute.  You can tell they love each other a lot.

If you look closely you'll see little bubbles handing on the chairs.  I hung those up for the bride when she was getting ready.

After the ceremony, Nate took the wedding party down to the beach for some pictures.  The rest of us snacked on some fruit, veggies and cheese.  Then we were told to head upstairs.

I rode the elevator like 3 times trying to find where the reception was.  It was on the 22nd floor.  The room was beautiful!

Cute picture on the wall.

I was seated at table 8.

Cute place setting with favors.

Seashells for decorations on table.

For dinner we had prime rib, rolls, chicken, green beans, and roasted potatoes.  There was also shrimp and crab cakes.  I don't eat seafood so I didn't have any of that.

Beautiful wedding cake.

Cute beach chairs.

Wedding cake was DELICIOUS!

Bride throwing bouquet.

We had a great time.  Nate was awesome as usual taking a ton of pictures.

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