May 10, 2015

Produce Stand 5/10

I went to my favorite farm stand this morning.  I wanted green beans but they didn't have any.  I looked around at everything.

Onions, Potatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumber and sweet corn.

Huge carrots.

Green peppers.....and 1 random orange one.  :)

I picked up a few things.

I spent $10.30 on my goodies.

-4 white potaotes
-2 cucumbers
-2 flower plants ($1 each... I got 2)
-lavender plant
-rosemary plant

How pretty are these flowers?  I spent $1 each on them.

Here's my potatoes and cucumbers.  I made homemade fries with the potatoes for dinner tonight to go with our turkey burgers.  I've already sliced up my cucumbers so those are ready to grab for work.

I potted my flowers.

Here's my rosemary.  It smells so good.

Here's my little lavender plant I got.

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