May 24, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #20

So my last garden update I mentioned I had iris about to pop.  I guessed it one would pop the next day or two and it did.  :)  So pretty.

Here they all are.  

I had a bunch of plants to pot and some that needed to be repotted so I did that today.

Fresh dirt.....  :)

Here's my container garden now.

Sweet cherry tomatoes.

Big tomatoes.  :)

Happy plants

New flowers and blueberry bush.

The really leafy plants are my yellow toms I got from seed swap months ago.  :)

Broccoli, rose bush.

Basil  (I had to pick off flowering part)

Pretty, pretty flowers.

At target this morning I found garden clogs for $13.  Yes, please!  I love them.


Purple green beans

Hibiscus still doing good.  :)

My aloe plant needed a new pot.

Here it is now.  The picture doesn't show you the side.  This aloe plant is CRAZY big.  haha

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