May 31, 2015

Saturday fun 5/30

I got up way too early for a Saturday.  5:15am so I could get up and get to my sisters for a yard sale.
Here's my niece checking on us with Uncle Dave before going back inside to watch Curious George.

We all did good.  I made $50.  Woot!  I didn't have much to sell so I'm surprised I made that much.  Once the yard sale was over we packed the leftovers up and took those to goodwill. 

Resting after yard sale.  Love the flip flops.  :)

We were all very hangry so we decided to go to Outback Steakhouse.  YUM!!

Later, on we decided to go to Sweet Frog for some froyo.  I hadn't had it in a long time so I was excited.  Here's E digging in hers.

After froyo, we went to a playground at a church that's open to the public.

I even played on the swing, seesaw and slide.  So much fun.  How come there aren't any adult playgrounds where we can go swing on our lunch break or something?

E being cute.  :)


We had a fun and successful day.  :)

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