May 10, 2015

Bonnie and Nate Day

This month is really busy for Nate and I.  We both have work stuff going on just about every weekend cept weekend, so we decided we would have a "Bonnie and Nate Day".  :)

First stop, was the Farmers Market.  It was busy!!  There was lots and lots of flowers.  We walked around the entire thing and then got on the road.  We didn't buy anything.  I didn't see anything I needed for meals for the week.  It was fun just checking it out though.  I can't wait till all the veggies start coming in.

The plan was to go to the new "Yoder's Country Store" in Madison.  Driving in Culpeper, we saw this place called "Ole Country Store and Bakery".  We immediately turned in to check it out.

So many awesome things in this shop.  This is probably our new favorite place.  They have the bologna and cheese we get in Ohio.  OMG....YAY!!  :)  We don't have to drive 8 hours just for bologna or cheese anymore.

I didn't know if the other place we were going to would have the bologna and cheese so we went ahead and got some.  I had a cooler with an ice pack in the car to put these goodies in.  :)

We got:

-2 bologna rings  (1 for a coworker as a thank you for something)
-small wedge of our favorite baby swiss cheese
-original beef sticks
-2 maple cream chocolates
-horseradish sauce
-cherry fry pie
-lemon fry pie

We finally got to Yoder's.  This place was very busy.  We found a place to park and we checked out the store.  Lots and lots of goodies.  The new place looks great and is so much bigger than their old place.

They had an area outside where they were cooking up some BBQ Pork/Chicken.

We both got a BBQ pork sammich and a side of potato salad.  We ate at one of the picnic tables provided.  So yummy.  The potato salad had egg in it.  MMMMMMM  :)

We then went to see the animals.  My favorite.....the male peacock.  This bird is so beautiful.  I love the colors of these creatures.

Strutting his stuff.

I wanted the guy to span out his feathers and he did just for me.  What a show off!!!!  (Okay, maybe not for me....probably for the two females in his cage.  hahaha)  Shake your tail feathers buddy.
It's amazing how they can hold up all these feathers on one leg.  haha

On the way home we went to an antique shop and stopped off at Wegmans for a few groceries.

For dinner we planned to do what we wanted.  Nate got Chiptole and I got Little Caesars.  :)

We had a wonderful day.  For dessert I had my cherry fry pie and Nate had his lemon fry pie.  Thank goodness the Amish place is over an hour away so we just can't go buy up all the fry pies and eat them.  hahahaha  This place will be a special treat place for us.  :)

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