May 10, 2015

E's 2nd birthday party

On May 3rd, my niece turned two.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Time sure does fly.

My sister threw E a "Curious George' themed party.
I got to the party an hour and a half late.  I was emceeing an event I do every year.

There was cute decorations all around.  


Ellie with some friends.  (Charlie and Aggie)

Here's me blowing bubbles with the birthday girl.

Cute cake my sister made for E to blow the candles out on.

Here's my dad and E.

E being silly.

Such a cutie.


There was bananas, banana chips, monkey bread, not yo mama's banana puddin, bbq chicken, mac n cheese (I made), nana cookies, cupcakes, cole slaw, banana bread, animal crackers, cake pops, tea, lemonade, and water.  Everything matched with the theme.  So awesome!

Love her!

My sister submitted E's pic to the Curious George facebook page and E became the Curious Fan of the week.  YAY!!  :)

Some pictures are my friends, Dave's pics that he took for my sister during the party.  :)

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