May 24, 2015

My Greenhouse

For my birthday last year (Aug. 2014) I got a greenhouse.  :)

This was the spot in my backyard that I had my eye set for my greenhouse.

My father-in-law knew how important my greenhouse was so he hired a landscaper to build a base and put up my greenhouse.  Here's Nate (on left) talking to landscaper.

The landscaper built the base.

Nice concrete base.

A few weeks later the landscaper came and put up the greenhouse.  It took him about 8 hours.

As soon as I got home, I (literally) ran over to check it out.

How cute is it?

I opened the door.

And went inside.  Boy is it hot in there.  haha  Here's the ceiling.

Palram sign on front.

I love it!!  :)

I put my little 'Bonnie Plants" sign inside.  :)

Here I am opening the window.

Open window.  :)

I planted some seeds.




The landscaper is going to come back probably one day this week to bolt the greenhouse down.  It seems pretty secure but I want extra security.  :)

My mother, asked me if there was anything else I needed for my greenhouse.  I told her about a few things.  She went ahead and ordered me the accessory bundle I wanted.  It comes with a work bench, 4 shelves, an automatic vent opener, and a hanger kit.

YAY!!  :)  I'm so happy.  I want a little stone pathway built to the door of the greenhouse.  I also have a plan for a sunflower garden with a section of the area.  Here's my sunflower seeds.  Now I just have to prep the ground.  :)

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