May 31, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #21

My garden is still doing great.  :)

This was from this evening after a nice drink of water.

I did do some rearranging a few days ago.  I had some plants near each other that don't like to be near each other so I had to fix that.

-Beans don't like peppers or marigolds
-Broccoli don't like peppers, squash or tomatoes
-Tomatoes don't like broccoli or cucumbers
-Sunflowers don't like anyone  LOL
-Peas don't like peppers

In my greenhouse:

I have my first marigold.  It sprouted a few days ago.

Today, I have 2 sprouts.  :)

A few days ago I had 3 sunflowers.

Now I have several.  :)  Yes, I just dropped a bunch of seeds in one pot.

In my garden:

Squash blossom.


Petunias.  One of the best dollars I ever spent.


Another dollar flower.

Green beans
Something is eating the leaves.  :(

My broccoli from seed is doing much better.

Here's my other broccoli.  Also my blueberry bush, rose bush and cucumbers.

In my front flower bed:

Sweet pea flowers

In my kitchen:

I started to regrow some celery from the base.  I didn't take a before picture.  
This was 2 days later.

This is this morning.  (5 days later)

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