August 12, 2014

Visit to Philly for my birthday weekend

My husband and I went to Philadelphia, PA this past weekend.  It was just a day trip.  We've talked about it for a while so this weekend we were both free with nothing to do.  Plus, it was my birthday weekend and I told my husband that this day trip was what I wanted to do.

It took us a little under 4 hours to get to Philly.  Once we parked at the Independence Visitor Center we got our tickets.  A ticket for Independence Hall, Eastern State Penitentiary and a bus pass.

First up, we stood in line to see the Liberty Bell.

Then we walked to the Burial Ground where Ben Franklin is buried.

Here's where Ben Franklin is buried.  There's also some other family members there.  You're encouraged to throw pennies on the grave for good luck.

Here's a picture of me walking around that Nate took of me.

Here's a selfie where Nate photo-bombed me.

We walked to Independence Hall since it was almost our ticket time slot.  Once we got in you sit down in a small room and a ranger tells you rules and a little history.  The biggest rule they have is NO GUM CHEWING.

We then went into the hall to see the 2 rooms.  I tripped going in the door but luckily caught myself.  haha  This room is the court.

This is where the 'Declaration of Independence' was signed.

Here's our guide talking about the signing and who all was there in the room.

Here's me standing by a door outside Independence Hall.

We then got on the bus to the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Lots of ivy growing outside the building.

Not sure why but I really like this picture.  Looks creepy right?

This is a cell.

Al Capone stayed here for 8 months.

I'd say he really got the celebrity treatment.  He had a lot of his own personal belongings, including an awesome radio.  (at the back)

Nate took this picture.  I totally missed this and freaked out when I was looking through the pictures he got.  He pretended for a minute that he didn't know what that was and then he laughed and said it was in one of the cells that he peeked through.  Eerie!!!

This was the cell block where inmates went if they were sick.

Here's cell block 2.  This is where the females were kept.

Here's a picture of the females that stayed at ESP.

Here I am standing in the door way of one of the cells.
I was too tall so I had to scrunch down a little bit.

I'm standing in the prison yard here.
Here's a selfie of Nate and me outside in the prison yard.

We got back on the bus and passed by the rocky steps and statue.  It was crowded and we were a little exhausted and still had some other things we still wanted to do.

We got off the bus and went into the Reading Terminal Market.

It was a chaotic.  There was A LOT of people.  Each vendor has a number machine where you take a number if you are planning to purchase something.  Everything imaginable (food wise) is available.  Here's some pictures I took inside.

We left there and got back on the bus to the Independence area so we could then walk like 20 blocks to get a philly cheesesteak.

We went to Jim's Steaks South Street.

We got right in line which was at the door.  We waited about 30 minutes.

Here's a sign with the cheese options for your philly.

Here's the cook, slathering on some WIZ.

I ordered "Cheesesteak wit WIZ and onions".  Nate got the same.  This is the BEST PHIlLY EVER!!!  Soooooooooo good.  :)

Then we walked back to the Independence area and stopped off at a cute bakery called 'Cookie Confidential".  This bakery was adorable.

So many delicious options.

We both got a cookie sandwich.

So yummy!

Here's Nate enjoying his treat.

We then made it back to the car and drove home.  We loved Philly.  So many nice people and such a fun city.  We will go back sometime and explore some other things we have yet to see.

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