August 12, 2014

Garden Update: Week 25 (LATE)

Late post on my garden update.  This past week was week 25.

I did some cleaning up.  I took off the potted plants that are done.  I put them over in the dumping area to be cleaned out.  (in background, top left)

Here's what my deck looks like right now.

Early in the week I picked some toms, a watermelon and an eggplant.

Look at that pretty purple color.

I also ended up picking 2 chili peppers and a pea pod.

I picked my 3 carnival squash.  How cute are they?  The one on the left is the biggest one.  There's a small hole in the back of it.  I'm guessing from a worm?  The other 2 are perfect.  I'm keeping them around for fall decoration.  They are too tiny to eat.

This guy would have just been perfect if there wasn't a hole.

I picked my spaghetti squash.  The shape is weird.  It's not like the usual spaghetti squash.  And it's small.  I figured I'd pick it now since it seems ripe before a worm attacks it.

I picked some other toms earlier in the week and they had splits.  Every single one.  :(

My watermelons weren't getting any bigger.  I knocked on one and it was hollow.  I went ahead and cut one open to see if it was ripe.

As soon as I sliced it open I could smell the sweet watermelon.

A nice red flesh.  MMMM

I tasted a slice and it tasted so good.

The next day I picked the other 3 watermelons and cut them open and sliced them for later.

On Sunday morning I picked 2 more pea pods.

I also picked a yellow tomato.

I have some more cucumbers coming in.


Another sunflower coming in.

A multicolored rotted zucchini.

Peppers....I believe this guy is turning purple.  :)

Sweet bells coming in.

A new eggplant blossom.

I picked the dead sunflowers and took the seeds out.  I put the seeds on the rail for the birds.  The seeds were gone by that afternoon.

I got some more corn on the cob last week.  MMMMMM  I actually froze the corn I had so I could use it later.  Read about it here.

I also got 2 garlic bulbs from a friend who has a garden.  She has so much garlic coming in she doesn't know what to do with it all.  :)

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