August 3, 2014

Early Birthday fun day

Friday, Nate went to his parents.  There was a wake for Frankie, a neighbor who had passed away.  He was a nice man.  William, another neighbor just passed away about a month ago.  Both these men were great friends to my Father-in-law.  They will surely be missed.

Anyways, Nate brought home a present that his mom got me.  I unwrapped it and immediately started crying.  It was a piece of art of my kitty son.  A co-worker of my Mother-in-law made this drawing in dots to form the picture.  The picture was my favorite of Harley.  It melted my heart.

This is the picture the artist used as a guide to make the print.  My Mother-in-law told me she picked out the matte to match his eyes.  So wonderful!

My BFF, Kristen told me a few weeks ago to save the date for 8/2.  She had a birthday surprise planned for me.  I was excited and had no clue what it was.  She treated me and took me shopping.  I rarely spend money on myself.  I put myself last when I know there's something my husband wants to buy.  When I get gifts I always like them to be practical.  Stuff I know I'm going to use.  I've been losing weight (down 63.4 pounds) since December (I'm trying to get healthy) and I needed clothes so bad.  Kristen, made me feel special.  She said not to worry about the money.  She had it all covered.  How awesome right?

The good thing about Virginia this's a TAX FREE WEEKEND.  Every year the state has a tax free weekend so you can save some money on school clothes, supplies etc.  :)

We first went to Saxon Shoes and she bought me a new pair of my favorite shoes.  TOMS!!  She told me to pick out a color.  I picked the ash.  I feel it goes with more of the clothes I wear.

Next, we went to Victoria's secret and I got some new underwear.  I also got some soap and body spray.

Then we went to Old Navy.  I got some shirts, a few tanks, and a pair of jeans.  The jeans ended up being .42 cents.  No joke!!  They were an online order that was returned to the store.  So they were marked 70% off and then another 95% off.  Bringing the total to .42 cents!!!  We were shocked.  LOL  And the best part....all the clothes were tax free.  :)

Next we went to Lane Bryant.  I got fitted for bras because I needed to know what my new bra size was from losing weight.  I tried on some good bras and also tried on some shirts.  We also found a cute dress for an upcoming wedding that I'm going to at the end of this month.  :)  After LB, we went to Ulta and Kristen picked up some things from there that she needed.  It was fun shopping and I feel spoiled from my BFF.  :)

Here's what I got.  Cute huh?

Later in the evening we got our group together for dinner.  We celebrated my birthday and Sharon's birthday, plus, Joe's, 20 years in the Marine Corps.  We went to Fujiya House.  

Here's my plate.

Nate got some sushi.

We got a yummy pineapple dessert surprise at the end of our meal.

Those are the only pictures I took.  Not sure why we didn't take a group shot or more pictures of the food.  Our cook at the grill was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  He was so funny.  All the girls got a nickname.  Kristen was "gorgeous", I was "hottie", Sharon was "sexy" and Crystal was "good looking".  Nate was "macho man".  The guy was funny.  He threw a hard boiled egg at Sharon and she threw it back at him.  He wasn't expecting that.  haha  He's  def the best hibachi griller ever!!  :)  Our bill was $81 total. WOW.....but we never splurge on dinner and this was a celebration so I guess it's okay.  LOL  It was worth it.  We all had a great time.  Afterwards we went back to Sharon's and hung out with ice cream and everclear shots.  I stayed away from both.  It was a fun Saturday.  :)

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