August 25, 2014

Garden Update: Week 27 (LATE)

Here's my garden update for week 27.  (late b/c I'm sick)

Here's my garden.  It's not as big as it was at the start of summer.  Things are dwindling down.

I have a new sunflower that popped.

How pretty?  It's funny how each of the sunflowers I've grown have all looked different.

I have an eggplant growing in nicely.  I also have a small one coming in.  :)

Here's the bigger eggplant.  It seems to be almost done.  I want to see if it grows anymore before I pick it.  It's a little darker purple than the others I've already harvested.

If you look closely you will see many peppers.  Chili and sweet bells.

I checked my oops garden.  The tomatoes are not doing hot.

They all have what I believe is tomato rot.  I'm going to dig this up and dispose of them.

My spaghetti squash are not doing swell either.  There is a powder like bacteria on the leaves and the little guy I had last week is gone.  I'm not sure if something ate it or if it just shriveled up.  I'm probably going to dig this up too.  I really need to tackle this area soon and get it all cleaned up to get my greenhouse built.

I have these cute little flowers growing at the bottom of my deck steps.  :)

The ivy growing at my back window produced some cute little orange flowers.

It's trumphet vines.  They can destroy house siding so we need to get rid of this ASAP.  The flowers do look pretty though. much work to do and such little time.  BLECH!!   I'm off all next week so I think I might need to start tackling the list of things that need to get done.

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