August 17, 2014

Garden Update: Week 26

Time for another weekly garden update.  My sister mentioned to me this morning that I should get a shot of my garden from the guest bathroom.  So I did.  This is what my back deck looks like.  The copper pot in the corner looks so small from the window.   As you can see, I started moving some containers that are done. 

 This evening after dinner I went outside and started cleaning up a bit.  I took the plants off my deck that I didn't need anymore and put them with the other pots that are done.  
I need to clean this up this week.  I'll probably put the dead plants in a trash bag and take them to the dump.  Then I'll wash out the containers and put them in the shed.

Oh yes, I also emptied my white potato plant to discover I had 7 potatoes that were ready to be harvested.  These were grown from one farmers market white potato that sprouted, that I had saved for this purpose.  :)

I have several tomatoes growing in my oops garden.  These should be beef stakes.

I noticed this evening while I was digging for potatoes that I have a little baby spaghetti squash.  :)  YAY

I have a purple pepper growing.  Exciting.  I still have a bunch of sweet bells and chili peppers coming in too. This is the biggest one so far.  :)

I had a visitor to my garden.  This wasp drank from my bee water station and flew up on my pepper plant.  I didn't get a shot of him on the bee water station but he does like this pepper plant.  I figured as long as he leaves me and my good bees alone then he can visit.  :)

I picked a red cherry tomato.  This was the most perfect little cherry tomato ever and it was oh so sweet.  I did put it in my kitchen window to ripen a little more.  I ate it earlier today.  :)

I have a few cucumbers still growing.  This guy might be done growing this week sometime.

I have more eggplants.  This will be the next one.  There's 2 others coming in too.

I cut off the dead sunflower heads to pull out the seeds for the yellow finches.  The smaller head already had some seeds removed by the birds pecking at it.

I picked off the petals and wiped off the pollen till the seeds were all clean.

Then I picked out the seeds and put them on the rail for the birds for the morning.  They ate the others so I know they'll eat these too.  :)

So here's what my container garden looks like now.  :)

My greenhouse came so now my husband and I need to get the area cleaned up, make a concrete floor and assemble the greenhouse.  It's going to be a lot of work but it will be worth it.

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