August 3, 2014

Garden Update: Week 24

Garden Update:  Week 24.

Here's my garden and what it looks like right now.

Earlier in the week.....I found 2 yellow finches eating and picking at one of my dead sunflowers.  The bird was eating seeds.  :)  If you look closely you can see the bird.  When I opened the door they both flew away.  After the flower dies off all the way, I plan on picking out the seeds and putting them on the rail for the little guys.  :)

I have 2 new sunflowers that have popped.  They are so pretty.

This one is almost done opening up.

Here's the back of the new sunflower.

I harvested 2 cucumbers, 2 yellow toms and 4 chili peppers.

I got one small ripe cherry tomato.  :)  It was perfect.  No flaws whatsoever.  :)

I ate it.  :)

My yellow toms aren't doing that great.  It seems that tomatoes are still growing but they are all splitting.

My beef stakes are pretty much a goner.  I snipped all the tomatoes from the plant so I wouldn't lose them.  I ripened them in my kitchen window.

Here's the tomatoes all ripe this morning.  I made them for dinner.  (More later)

I trimmed my basil plant.  I don't use that much basil but I like growing it because it's a good companion plant for peppers and tomatoes.  Plus, it attracts bees to your garden.

Looks like my garden season is winding down already.  I don't think I'll be getting anymore squash, or zucchini.  The plants are dying off.  I'll probably be clearing them out this week.

Zucchini plant

Squash plant

2nd Squash plant

This is my carnival squash.  There's a few squash on the plant.  I might just pick them for decoration.  :)

Mums are dying off too.

Here's my peas (left) and cherry tomato plants (right).

This is the watermelon.  It's growing really slowly.

I really hope they finish growing.  They look so cute!!

Eggplant is still doing great.  There's some new flowers coming in.

Look at this beauty.  Isn't the purple pretty?  This will most likely be ready for harvest this week.

I have some new bell peppers growing.  I planted these from seed.  I have no idea what color they will be.

Oh and I have new a cucumber blossom with a tiny cucumber.  :)

Inside, I still have my aloe plant.  It's getting really big.

To note for my next Spring/Summer Garden season:

Plant more:

cherry tomatoes

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